Protect Your Videos From Screen Recorders

Discourage theft of your video content with Presto Player.

Try Dynamic Watermarks

Simply press play on the video to see it display your IP address in the top corner. We have also enabled the option for the dynamic watermark to change locations every 10 seconds.

For logged-in users, it can display their email address, name, or a variety of information.

There's plenty more to love.

Presto Player is the complete solution that your business needs to deliver video on your WordPress website.


Collect more leads, direct traffic, get more views and make more money.


Give your learners the best experience with a video player that's built specifically for them.


Enhanced blogging features to collect more leads, subscribers and help monetize your blog.

Branding & Customization

Powerful branding and customization with just a few clicks.


All the geeky options you'd expect from a well-coded player.