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Earn a generous 20% commission promoting the ultimate video player for WordPress.

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Being a Part of Our Program

Lucrative Commissions

Generous Rewards

With Presto Player’s rising popularity and expanding user base, affiliates have the opportunity to earn attractive commissions through a well-structured program.

Feature-Rich Product

Feature-Rich Product

Presto Player’s feature-rich design, featuring timed overlays and email opt-in gates, allows affiliates to emphasize its unique value proposition.

Versatile Target Audience

Broad Audience Appeal

Affiliates can target a wide audience, including bloggers, course creators, and marketers, as Presto Player caters to diverse needs in the WordPress community.

Evolving Community

Evolving Community

Affiliates aren’t just promoting; they’re part of a community for insights and success sharing, gaining a competitive edge on upcoming features.

High Demand and Niche Appeal

High Demand

Affiliates can tap into a market where Presto Player meets the rising need for effective video solutions, making it an enticing option for bloggers, course creators, and marketers.

Responsive Support

Reliable Support

Presto Player is backed by responsive customer support and continuous improvement. Presto Player’s history of listening to feedback enhances trust in the product.

We’re Looking for Partners Just Like You!

Check to see if you fit our ideal affiliate profile. If you find a match, we’re excited to welcome you.


Highlight Presto Player’s compatibility and integration benefits to resonate with your WordPress audience.

Blog Icon

Digital Marketers

Showcase Presto Player as a marketing tool that enhances engagement.


Course Creators

Promote Presto Player as a cost-effective video hosting solution for online courses.

Video Marketing Icon

Video Marketers

Endorse Presto Player for its features suited to video marketers’ needs.

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Affiliate Marketers

Focus on Presto Player’s benefits for marketers, such as email opt-in gates and analytics.

Website Optimization


Promote Presto Player’s focus mode and customizable player options as ways to enhance user engagement.

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SEO Specialists

Promote Presto Player as an SEO-integrated solution with tools like RankMath, impacting search rankings.

E- Commerce

E-commerce Experts

Demonstrate Presto Player’s performance optimization and customizable overlays for product promotion.

Supercharge Your Affiliate Journey with Presto Player for Maximum Earnings.

Generate Passive Income by Promoting the Future of Seamless WordPress Video Integration.

A Partnership Built on Trust, Growth and Success

You’ll have access to all the resources you need to succeed as an affiliate.

Effortless Tracking

Experience real-time insights with our intuitive affiliate panel. Monitor campaigns, visits, links, and conversions with ease.

Dashboard icon

Affiliate Hub: Navigate your success journey through the affiliate dashboard. Gain comprehensive stats on each referral, ensuring a clear overview of your monthly earnings.


Detailed Analytics: Dive deep into analytics, revealing visit specifics, referral sources, purchased products, and commission details for every successful referral.

Affiliate Links

Tailored Affiliate Links: Craft unique affiliate links and campaigns, gaining visibility into conversions to refine and optimize your strategies.

Branding Support & Guidance:

Empower your journey with a comprehensive kit and expert guidance to maximize your success.

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Visual Assets:  Access a rich marketing kit featuring Presto Player logos, icons, product banners, and essential brand information.

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Conversion-Boosting Copy:  Benefit from finely crafted templates for social media posts, email drafts, videos, and blog ideas that drive conversions effectively.

Expert Advice

Expert Insights: Leverage the expertise of our seasoned marketing team and dedicated affiliate manager. Discuss partnership ideas and receive tips for optimizing conversions.

How Much Can I Earn?

Joining our Presto Player affiliate program is not just about promoting a stellar product, it’s about unlocking substantial earnings for yourself. Here’s how it works:

Our coveted lifetime plan is priced at $399, and for every client you refer, you earn a generous $80 per sale. As your influence expands, so does your earning potential.

Earning Scenarios:
💰 10 Referrals X $80 = $800
💰 20 Referrals X $80 = $1,600
💰 50 Referrals X $80 = $4,000
💰 100 Referrals X $80 = $8,000

It’s a Win-Win for All! 🎉

Your audience gains access to a world-class product, you earn a commission, and we secure a sale. We believe in mutual growth and success—when you thrive, we thrive!

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