Brand Assets

Presto Player logos, affiliate banners and all the brand information you need for promotion.


Video Player Plugin With Cutting-Edge Technology!

Presto Player is lightning fast and offers smooth playback on any website. It features a variety of customization options so you can truly make it your own.


Presto Player Empowers All To Create Engaging Media.

Presto Player is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool for creating interactive media experiences. Create playlists, use multiple video sources, utilize sticky video players, add chapters and more.

Primary Logos

We’re happy to see you’re interested in using the Presto Player logo and other branding assets! Download the logo from this page and use it whenever you promote Presto Player.

Monotone Logos

If you want a classy, dignified look, monotone logos are the way to go!

Presto Player Icons

Here are some Presto Player icons you can download and use whenever you promote Presto Player.

Icon Blue
Icon White
Icon White
Icon Blue

Promotional Banners

Want some banners and screenshots to use in promotion? Use these in your blogs, reviews, or affiliate pages to promote Presto Player..


To create a consistent brand for Presto Player, we selected the Proxima Nova Regular font. It helps us tell our story in a modern, accessible way. It would be great if you could use it whenever you promote.

Headlines – Proxima Nova Bold

Presto Player is The Ultimate Video Plugin for Seamless, Powerful Playback

Body – Proxima Nova Regular

Presto Player offers a lightweight, powerful solution for embedding videos on your website. It’s optimized for effortless integration and user engagement, providing a high-quality viewing experience.


R: 48
G: 88
B: 229


R: 242
G: 245
B: 247


R: 66
G: 66
B: 66


R: 245
G: 245
B: 245

Color Pallete

The Presto Player color palette represents our brand, core beliefs, and character. Also, they help you get noticed, which is crucial for promotion. If you’re promoting Presto Player, please use these colors.

Clear Space

There is no such thing as too much whitespace in design. It gives the content more space to shine and helps it stand out. Please use adequate whitespace to allow your content, images and banners shine.

Partner Directories

Partner directories can be useful to share brands you use and recruit new partners. You’re welcome to incorporate Presto Player into your partner directory as long as you retain the brand’s typography, colors, and spacing.

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