Feature-packed Player for Your Videos and Audios to Perform Better!

From multiple sources, to advanced settings and performance tracking, Presto Player offers the best platform for your video content.

Your Perfect Marketing Asset!

Presto Player is the complete solution that your business needs to attract, engage and convert your website visitors.

Muted Autoplay

Immediately capture visitors attention and make your videos irresistible with muted autoplay and captions.

Action Bar

Prompt your viewers to an action at the beginning, during, or at the end of your video. Customize everything!

Lead Capture

Generate leads through videos with email capture. Make the form optional or mandatory to watch the video.

Call To Action

Prompt your viewers to take an action with text and a button that takes over the entire video.

Automation Integrations

Automatically tag contacts based on their viewing with market leading automation plugins for WordPress.

Focus Mode

Keep your viewers full attention with focus mode. Make your videos automatically pause when they are not actively watching.

Much Needed Video Course Player!

Presto Player is the best way to run your course videos with deep LMS integrations, video chapters and a lot more.


Create beautiful and highly customizable playlists to create a Netflix-like experience for your courses and playlists

Video Chapters

Make your videos easy to navigate to specific parts with video chapters. Simply enter a time code with a title.

Saved Position & Preferences

Save the position where the viewer last stopped watching the video so he can continue when he comes back again.

Student Viewer Tracking

Know which videos your students have watched and how long they watched them for with the viewer tracking.

Private Videos

Secure your videos by making them private and requiring your students to be logged into your website to view them.

Student Focus Mode

Help your students stay focused. As soon as your videos are no longer in focus, they’ll remain paused.

LMS & Membership Integrations

Automatically tag contacts based on their viewing with market leading automation plugins for WordPress.

Add Podcast Episodes To Your Website

Increase the reach of your podcast by uploading episodes to your website for better visibility and reach.

Transcript Timestamps

Add timestamp links in podcast transcripts and let listeners quickly jump to that position. Easy navigation for your audio content!

Private Audio

Want to limit access to audio content? Presto Player Pro allows you to set up private audio that only logged-in users can access.

Custom Controls

Use built-in presets or come up with your own combination of audio player controls to offer the ultimate podcast experience to your audience.

Embed Player Inside Your Blogs

Use Presto Player to highlight your videos within a blog post with all the necessary controls.

YouTube Subscription Bar

Get more subscribers to your YouTube channel with a dedicated subscription bar that will display under each video.

Sticky Player

Keep your viewers attention by sticking your video to the corner of the web browser when your viewer scrolls.

Page Loading Performance

Presto Player speeds up your web pages that have videos with our extensive video player optimizations.

Google Analytics

Capture deep insights on your viewers and pass all that data to your Google Analytics dashboard.

SEO Integrations

Help Google understand your video content better with rich schema and video sitemap when integrated with Rank Math.

Usable Across Websites!

Presto Player can be your best friend to embed any video on a website built in your favorite environment.

Dynamic Content

Build complex projects with Presto Player and your custom fields. It also supports ACF, PODS, Metabox, and more.

Page Builder Modules

Presto Player works with all page builders. You can also add videos with custom-built models for Beaver Builder, Divi, Elementor, and Gutenberg.

Flexible Shortcode Option

Unlock ultimate power and flexibility with shortcodes and your custom parameters that can easily be integrated in your templates.

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