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Take your videos to the next level with the best feature-rich video player suitable for businesses, educators, coaches, marketers and more.
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Perfect Video Player Especially Made For You!

Whether you are a business owner, a marketer, an online coach, or anyone waiting to embed a video, Presto Player has everything you need.

Enthusiastic Marketers

Engage visitors with videos, accompany it with call-to action, spice it up with an overlay image and track performance.

Measurable Improvements
For Enhanced Learning

Course Creators

Give your students an exceptional learning experience with adjustable playback speed, custom chapter markings, picture in a picture, 10-second skip, and more.

Anyone Using Video on Website!

Make the most out of the visual content on your website by embedding engaging videos and converting more visitors into leads and customers.

Better User Enagagement

Simplest Video Player with Powerful Features

Lead Capture

Lead generation through videos with email capture. Optional or mandatory forms to watch.

Muted Autoplay

Capture visitors attention and make your videos irresistible with muted autoplay.

LMS & Membership

Automatically tag contacts based on their viewing with market leading automation plugins.

Highly Performant

Display amazing video content without sacrificing performance with integrated lazy-loading.

Multiple Sources

Serve videos from the fastest and most affordable multiple video source options.

Chapter Support

Add easy navigation to different parts of your video with the inbuilt chapter feature.

Analytics & Reports

Track view time, audience retention & more with self-hosted and Google analytics.

Private Videos

Protect your valuable videos and choose to show them to logged users only.

Setup Presto Player in 3 Easy Steps!

Presto Player makes it easier with a user-friendly interface, no coding required

Add Your Video to Media​​

Upload a video to the inbuilt media hub or add it from sources like YouTube, Vimeo, or​

Customize the Video Player​​

Add an overlay, enable autoplay, select a video preset, add chapters and more to customize the video display.​

Embed using Shortcode​​

Embed the video player anywhere on the website using the generated shortcode in your favorite page builder.​


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Watch Presto Player in Action!

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In-depth Integrations and Wide Compatibility

Presto Player offers great integration and support for various tools you’ll need to embed videos, capture leads, and track performance.

Frequently asked questions

Have any doubts about Presto Player? Here are some frequently asked questions that should answer most of yours.
Presto Player offers multiple hosting location options for your web-optimized videos. You can also self host your video or use Bunny Stream.
Preto Player supports traditional platforms such as YouTube & Vimeo. In addition, you can use any video host that gives you a public link to the video. In the future, we plan to add support for Amazon S3 and all the various services that use the same API such as Wasabi and Digital Ocean.
Presto Player works with all page builders. You simply add a video to the Media Hub and use the provided shortcode in your page builder. Presto Player also provides native Gutenberg Blocks, Elementor widgets, and Beaver Builder and Divi Builder modules. We are planning on creating a native integration with Oxygen Builder that will function exactly like our Elementor widget does.
As of now, Presto Player supports video. But very soon we plan to release an audio player that will work just like this video player does.
Presto Player offers a public and private video option. Private videos are only accessible when a user is logged into your website. In addition, Presto Player will use dynamic expiring links to your private videos. In cases where someone may want to dig through the HTML on your web page to try and find the URL, this won’t work. Lastly, we also have the dynamic overlay feature which optionally enables you to show the logged-in users details as a watermark overlay to discourage screen recording. This is something only possible with Presto Player because it’s deeply integrated with WordPress.
Yes, it most certainly does! And just like everything else we do, it’s very easy to use. Head on over to our integrations page to see how easy it is.

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