The Innovative WordPress Video Player – Presto Player Gets a New Website

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new website.

As Presto Player matures into a powerful solution for WordPress websites that use video, we thought it would be a good idea to redesign the official website.

The idea was to create a central hub for all things Presto Player. A place where you could quickly see how Presto Player adds value to their business.

The previous website did a great job, but it was rather plain in design. With the new website, we made sure that our core values of quality and simplicity were visible on every page. The emphasis was on a sleek design and a great user experience. And, of course, the new website features our brand colors in full glory!

We are sure you’ll agree that the new website is pretty swanky!

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the design of the major pages and see how our designers implemented their project brief.

The Homepage

Our homepage is a popular destination for visitors coming from Google.

We redesigned the homepage to provide the information you need front and center. You can immediately see what Presto Player does, what it offers, and how you could use it on your website.

Since the homepage is often the “first contact” point, we gave the design extra attention. 

As you can see, right in the first fold, we mentioned the essential features that, in our opinion, help you determine that Presto Player is a great fit for your business.

Homepage of Presto Player new website

If you were familiar with the previous website, you must remember the amazing video in the first fold. This was where Adam was seen elaborating the main Presto Player features with great enthusiasm. It was such a hit that we decided to keep it on the homepage. However, we shifted it to the second fold.

We saw the homepage as an excellent opportunity to explain the benefits of Presto Player to specific user segments. For this, we used the third, fourth, and fifth folds for marketers, course creators, and general users, respectively.

Finally, in the last folds of the page, we added a second video showing how you can use Presto Player to add videos to your website. The video also displays chapter markers and the Action Bar, two popular features of the Presto Player.

The Features Page

The Features page is where you can see all the features and benefits the Presto Player brings to the party.

We at Presto Player think the Features page is a great example of our vision for the new website. It presents an uncluttered view of the essential information about the features of our WordPress video player plugin.

Feature page of Presto Player new website

When planning the page, we looked at all the features and realized we were in a fix. The designers were focused on keeping the page within a reasonable length.

This meant choosing from a long list.

We eventually settled for the top 24 features that the designers divided into four-folds.

To ensure a great user experience, we decided to add a selector bar in the second fold. With this bar near the top of the page, visitors can select their use case and instantly see the features that we think would benefit them the most.

The Pricing Page

Ask any business about their favorite page on their website, and you’ll find out that the answer is Pricing. It’s no different with us.

More than any other page, the Pricing page reflects our values of transparency and straightforwardness. The page mentions all the details of the license options and the savings you get with the two billing options.

Pricing Page of Presto Player

When thinking of buying the premium version of a plugin, people often compare the features of the free and premium versions. To help these users, we added a table that mentions the features of the two options. This table offers everything the users need to make an informed decision.

The Integrations Page

You might have heard how easy it is to integrate Presto Player with your favorite email management tool and LMS.

We are very proud of the integrations supported by Presto Player.

Integration page of Presto Player new website

This page gives you a detailed overview of the integrations that you can set up between the player and your preferred marketing tools. You can see the most familiar names in several categories, including page builders, video sources, and LMS. Integrations are an important reason why users trust Presto Player, and the redesigned integrations page reflects the extent of the supported tools and platforms.

Wrapping It Up

We hope you’ve browsed through the website and experienced all the goodness we added to the pages. Getting the design just right was a team effort and we are very proud of our dev and marketing teams. They put in a lot of effort and time on design elements and colors.

But they have done their part, and the new website of your favorite WordPress video player plugin is up and running!

It’s your turn now.

Did you enjoy the new Presto Player website experience?

Did we drop the ball and miss something important?

Do let us know in the comments below.

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