Adam Preiser
June 27, 2024

Presto Player 3.0.1: Enhanced Media Hub Syncing

We’re excited to announce the release of Presto Player 3.0.1, bringing you even smoother control over your media content!

Effortless Media Management:

Take charge of your workflow with our new setting that lets you define the default sync behavior for new media hub blocks. Enjoy a seamless experience as you add fresh content to your site.

Enhanced Visibility for Seamless Editing:

We’ve made it even easier to edit your synced media hub items! You’ll now find a clear “Edit Original” option right in the inspector sidebar, providing quick access to modify your content.

Enjoy these enhancements and keep those videos playing flawlessly!


  • New: Setting for changing the default Media Hub sync behavior for new blocks.


  • Improvement: Add “Edit Original” to inspector sidebar for synced media hub items to increase visibility of new feature.


  • Fix: Issue with private private video not signing urls correctly when synced with media hub.
  • Fix: Making CSS more specific on instant video page to prevent conflicts with themes.
  • Fix: Wrong textdomain on some translations.
Adam Preiser
June 20, 2024

Presto Player 3.0 and Presto Player Pro 2.0.4: Introducing Instant Video Pages!

We’re thrilled to announce major updates to Presto Player, designed to make your video pages more beautiful and easier to manage than ever before!

Create Stunning Video Pages in a Flash

Our new Instant Video Pages feature lets you create dedicated pages for your videos with a single click! No more tedious setup – just beautiful, engaging video content.

Effortless Video Management

We’ve streamlined your workflow with powerful new features:

  • Seamless Synchronization: Sync your video blocks with your media hub items for effortless content management.
  • Unified Video Experience: We’ve combined all Presto video blocks into a single, powerful block, simplifying your editing experience.
  • Enhanced Media Selection: Our new video placeholder lets you easily select existing media hub items and the improved admin media hub selector now displays video types and poster images for better organization.

Behind-the-Scenes Enhancements

We’ve also made significant under-the-hood improvements, including updating our web components library dependency, to ensure Presto Player remains blazing fast and reliable.

Update today and experience the future of video pages!


  • New: Instant video pages. Create beautiful video pages with a single click.
  • New: Sync video blocks with media hub items.


  • Improvement: Combine all Presto video blocks into a single block.
  • Improvement: New video placeholder lets you select existing media hub items.
  • Improvement: Admin media hub selector now shows video type, poster image.
  • Improvement: Update web components library dependency.


  • Fix: Presto Player admin menu icon sometimes being altered by problematic 3rd party plugins.
  • Fix: Issue where adding provider override to a shortcode was not working for audio player.
Adam Preiser
May 20, 2024

Presto Player 3 Beta: New Features New Direction

We are excited to announce the next version of Presto Player!

Our team has spent the last 8 months building this new version of Presto Player which is a complete under the hood refactor to open up new possibilities with Presto Player and set us in a new direction.

While we have upgraded all of our sites to this new beta version, we wanted to have a public beta release before we push the update out to the 120,000 websites currently using Presto Player.

Here is the direct download link to Presto Player 3 Beta. Version 3 is now live.

Team Presto Player
April 4, 2024

Presto Player 2.3.2


  • Fix: Custom css box sometimes losing focus during typing.
Team Presto Player
April 2, 2024

Presto Player 2.3.1


  • Fix: Ensure new media items can be created on playlist block when no media items are present.
Team Presto Player
March 28, 2024

Presto Player 2.3.0


  • Improvement: Add new media selector for use in playlist component.
Team Presto Player
March 18, 2024

Presto Player 2.2.3

This is a maintenance release.


  • Improvement: Multiple security improvements.
Team Presto Player
March 6, 2024

Presto Player 2.2.2

This is a maintenance release.


  • Accessibility: Better keyboard focus states for player controls.


  • Fix: PHP deprecation warning for PHP 8.2+
Adam Preiser
February 20, 2024

Presto Player 2.2.1

This is a maintenance release.


  • Fix: Issue with learndash video progression not working if video is inside DIVI builder lesson page layout.
  • Fix: Style issue on presets where sliders text was getting cut off.
  • Fix: LifterLMS null check causing video progress not to show.
Adam Preiser
February 16, 2024

Presto Player 2.2: New Preset Options & Design Convienence

We are thrilled to announce the release of two highly requested features in Presto Player, the leading WordPress video plugin.

Show Time Elapsed – A New Preset Option

We’ve heard your feedback, and we are delighted to introduce the “Show Time Elapsed” preset option, available under the behavior settings in Presto Player.

When enabled, this feature displays either the time elapsed or the time remaining for the video directly on the player.

This highly requested feature empowers course creators to provide more context to their viewers, allowing them to easily track their progress and manage their time effectively.

Now, your audience can stay engaged and informed throughout the video playback experience.

Playlist Highlight Color Setting

We understand that each video in a playlist may have its own unique player style. To ensure a consistent and visually appealing playlist experience, we have introduced a new setting that allows you to pass a playlist highlight color to all players within the playlist.

By unifying the player style, this feature adds a professional touch to your playlists and creates a cohesive visual identity for your video content.

Now, your viewers can navigate through your playlist seamlessly, enjoying a visually harmonious experience from start to finish.

Upgrade to the latest version of Presto Player now and leverage these powerful features to enhance your video content and engage your audience like never before.


  • New: Time elapsed options in presets (pro required).
  • New: Setting to pass playlist highlight color to players (pro required).