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I am not able to skip ahead in videos

Have you tried serving a video from BunnyCDN, but after skipping ahead in the timeline, the video just continued to buffer? This article explains two tips on how to resolve this.

1. Enable cache file slicing in your pull zone settings

The first thing you need to do is enable the cache file slicing in your pull zone settings under the Cache tab. Without slicing, when the file isn’t in cache, the edge servers try to progressively download your video file from origin into a single big file. While our servers are downloading your files into cache, you will only be able to request the video starting from the beginning. Without slicing, skipping video only becomes available after the video file is fully cached.

Cache slicing works around this by enabling our servers to split cache for larger files into many small chunks and downloading each of them separately. This allows you to request any specific part of a file anytime you want, no matter if it’s already cached or not or not and allows you to skip ahead in video, no matter the state of the cache.

2. Make sure your videos are encoded with the video header at the beginning of the file

If after enabling cache slicing your videos are still not skipping ahead, even if cached this indicates a different problem. It likely means that your video is encoded with the header file at the end of the file. This means that in order to understand the video, your browser would first need to download the whole file to get to the header part.

In order to work around this, always make sure that when encoding your video, you use a web optimized presets. This will make sure your video file is prepared and optimized to be delivered in a web browser.

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