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Optimize Video SEO with Presto Player & RankMath

For search engines to properly index and display your videos in search results, video schema, and an optional video sitemap are used.

Video Schema

Video schema allows your videos to display video information on search results pages. This often means a richer preview of the video on the page. Here is an example from Google:

How to Add Video Schema

Presto player automatically adds rich schema for any public videos on your page, as long as you have a poster image added to your video. To enable schema, add a poster image for your video and the schema will be automatically generated.

Video Sitemap

A video sitemap is a specialized sitemap that includes extra details about the videos on your website. It’s beneficial for aiding search engines in locating and understanding your site’s video content.

Many times videos can be found without such a sitemap, but if you have particularly new videos or video content that might not be detected through regular crawling processes, a video sitemap is recommended.

Presto Player does not have video sitemaps out of the box, however, RankMath does provide an integration with Presto Player.

This means Rank Math will detect your videos, and add them to a video sitemap for your videos.

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