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Presto Player Playlists

Playlists allows you to group your videos from the media hub together and display them on your website, so they can be played in a series.

Playlists are visually customizable in the block editor. You can change all text strings, colors, and borders.

We have a full tutorial video on how to customize all the options.

Adding Playlists To Page Builders

Currently, to add playlists to page builders you can use the shortcodes.

Here is an example of how you can format the shortcode. The “item id” is found in the URL of each video in the media hub.

[presto_playlist heading="Course Playlist" listTextSingular="Course" listTextPlural="Courses" transitionDuration=10 styles="--presto-playlist-highlight-color: purple; --presto-playlist-text-color: white; --presto-playlist-background-color: black; --presto-playlist-border-radius: 48px;--presto-playlist-border-width: 17px;"]
[presto_playlist_item id=468 title="Introduction" duration="2m"]
[presto_playlist_item id=466 title="Customization" duration="4m"]
[presto_playlist_item id=462 title="Conclusion" duration="3m"]
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